So What Do you Want to be When You Grow Up?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

That was the question put to prinmary schools children and reported recently in the Independent newspaper.

No1? – Teacher! Of course, children shoudl want to be like their teachers at that age.

No2? – Vet. Understandable – who doesnt want to look after puppies and ponies and bunnies and things

No3 & No 4? – Doctor and Footballer joint. No surprise still. You see a lot of doctors and play a lot of footbal aged 6

No 5? Police Officer – not sure where that comes from, but the uniform helps

No 6? Nurse – Ah, yes, as expected

No7? ………………………………..?????????????

This is where is gets surprising … ANSWER: ‘IT SPECIALIST’. Yes, you read that right: ‘IT Specialist’. More children chose this career than chose: soldier, fireman, scientist, chef, designer, photographer, author, lawyer, racing driver, pilot, shop owner – oh, and princess!! [My own ambition at that age to be a pirate was not on the list].

I dont care how small or biased the sample was, I am going to use this statistic for all its worth! I’m delighted IT was even on the list.

The IT profession is not (just) a career for geeks, but for clever, innovative and creative people who want diversity, challenge and to do things which make a difference to peoples’ lives.


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